After a gap of two years, the Peterborough Drama Festival bounced back this week with a very special “mini festival” to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth the Second.
The Peterborough Festival, established in the 1940’s, is usually held in March each year but due to restrictions and uncertainty surrounding Covid, the 2022 festival took on a different format with members of the Festival Committee visiting local schools to lead workshops,
Festival Chairman, Steve Cutts said, “Our workshops concentrated on developing choral speaking in schools. This is a discipline in which our local schools have excelled over many years, where choirs interpret poems in a creative and exciting way using vocal sound effects and changes of pace to create mystery and excitement.”
Following the school workshops, a panel of judges visited the participating schools to see the various choirs perform, and Deeping Saint James Primary School came out on top with an imaginative and lively performance of “The Highwayman” by Alfred Noyes.
Judges were particularly impressed by the enthusiasm and imagination displayed by the children as they created whistling wind, galloping horses, mysterious howls and lots of excitement.
As well as receiving the Platinum Jubilee Trophy, the winning school was awarded Distinction, with Newark Hill School and Parnwell School both achieving First Class Certificates.
The Drama Festival committee hopes to return to its tradition format in 2023 with disciplines ranging from solo acting to Bible reading and duologues to prepared speech. All information may be found on the Peterborough Drama Festival website.
The Peterborough Drama Festival aims to promote speech and performance skills for all age groups in order to increase confidence, develop artistic expertise and to provide competition and cooperation amongst all keen students of the arts. Our professional adjudicators are experienced and well qualified and their aim is to inspire and educate, giving to students the benefit of their knowledge and enthusiasm.

Drama Festivals across the country are facing closure!

The Peterborough Drama Festival, despite reducing numbers, continues to be huge success and the high standard of work is recognised by Adjudicators every year.

We believe that the Peterborough Drama Festival helps to foster vital life skills and we want it to continue with the support of dedicated teachers across the region.

We warmly welcome you to bring your ideas for ways of developing and securing a bright future for our Festival